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CupCare the Bra Liner

How It Works?

CupCare is a thin, soft, disposable nonwoven liner that attaches to a bra and covers the wires for a perfect smooth look. The skin-soft bra liner protects the skin below the breast, absorbs sweat, and helps to save the bra from the wear & tear of constant use and laundry.

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Protects Your Skin

Absorbs Sweat

Feels Comfortable

Saves Your Bra!


"Such a great product, I agree it is an item that I didn't know I needed until I trued it. Very good quality and really do work. I have used them everyday since!"

– B. (New York, USA)

"OMG I love this!!! At first I was skeptical about the liner not fitting or moving around throughout the day. But it's actually great. It stuck on really well so that it doesn't move"

– K. (Utah, USA)

"I was so happy to get this right before the last heatwave! I wish I had these all summer..."

– A. (California, USA)


About Us

Founded in 2012, when our founder, Avigail Perl, was officially fed up with her bras.

Six years later, we have a winning team, patents filed (and approved), conducted successful rounds of investment, built our exclusive manufacturing facility and sold over 300,000 liners world wide.

But the best part yet - our founder is finally enjoying her bras! 

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