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CupCare the Bra Liner

How It Works?

CupCare is a thin, soft, disposable nonwoven liner that attaches to a bra and covers the wires for a perfect smooth look. The skin-soft bra liner protects the skin below the breast, absorbs sweat, and helps to save the bra from the wear & tear of constant use and laundry.

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Protects Your Skin

Absorbs Sweat

Feels Comfortable

Saves Your Bra!


"Such a great product, I agree it is an item that I didn't know I needed until I trued it. Very good quality and really do work. I have used them everyday since!"

– B. (New York, USA)

"OMG I love this!!! At first I was skeptical about the liner not fitting or moving around throughout the day. But it's actually great. It stuck on really well so that it doesn't move"

– K. (Utah, USA)

"I was so happy to get this right before the last heatwave! I wish I had these all summer..."

– A. (California, USA)


About Us

Founded in 2011, when our founder, Avigail Perl, was officially fed up with her bras.

Nearly a decade later, we have a winning team, patents approved, conducted successful rounds of investment, built our exclusive manufacturing facility and sold over 300,000 liners world wide.

But the best part yet - our founder is finally enjoying her bras! 


רפידה דקה חד פעמית הנצמדת לחזייה, ומגנה על העור מתחת לחזה, מונעת שפשפות, סופגת זיעה ועוזרת לשמור על החזייה נקייה ויבשה

קאפקר הינו מוגן ע"י פטנט עולמי ונמכר ברחבי העולם מאז 2015

קאפקר בע"מ הוקמה בשנת 2011 ע"י היזמית הסידרתית אביגיל פרל בשיתוף משקיעים ידועים מתחומי ההייטק, בינם איש העסקים ג'ף פולבר, ממייסדי טכנולוגית הטלפוניה האינטרנטית

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